Job Openings

30 HVAC Technician

Worksite: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Interview Date: -
Principal: Data Link Infrastructure Service Specialist
For manpower pooling only, no fees to be collected. Beware of illegal recruiters
Requirements: Gender: M
Age: 28 - 0
Job Details: Qualifications
  • Candidates must have at least Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate
  • The job requires Male applicants only
  • Minimum of 7 years working experience for this position
Mechanical/HVAC technician

Job Scope

The Mechanical/HVAC Technician ensures the smooth, efficient daily on going monitoring and planned maintenance activities to all mechanical equipment that make up the technical building environment by

performing the timely and accurate completion of all the required work.

Reports to

Facility Supervisor

Duties & Responsibilities

• Responsible for adhering to and implementing all facility policies and procedures related to his work.

• Responsible for performing daily performance monitoring of Mechanical equipment during walk rounds.

• Must have good knowledge on operation and maintenance of Air Cooled Chillers, CRAH units, AHU’s, Precision Dx Cooling Units, Pumps and Motors.

• Responsible for following SOPs and EOPs during preventive and corrective maintenance.

• Responsible for executing Work Orders for minor preventive maintenance activities including non-invasive testing, Infra-Red (IR) analysis, inspections, lubrications, replacement of consumables, etc.

• Responsible for escorting Vendors at all times during major preventive maintenance and during reactive and corrective maintenance.

• Responsible for checking that the maintenance is performed with respect to the Method of Procedures (MoP) provided by the Vendor.

• Responsible for executing isolation, shut down, start-up, emergency shut-down and restoration procedures of all facility equipment whenever needed.

• Responsible for responding to unplanned events and emergency scenarios, and for sustaining technical building operations.

• Responsible for escalating emergency failures and alarms to Facility Manager and Vendors.

• Report any detected malfunction or any required changes to the executed procedures in the Work Order once completed.

• Responsible for requesting necessary tools and parts for Work Orders execution and for returning tools and replaced parts once the work is executed.

Responsible for maintaining tools in good conditions.

Responsible for proper disposal of spares and consumables as per implemented policy.

Advise on any enhancement to be made to the current SOPs, EOPs, formal change request.

• Responsible for executing any required change to the facility (set point, redundancy rotation, labelling....}.
• Have minimum 7 years of relevant work experience in operating and maintaining technical building mechanical equipment.

• Have experience in break fixing, dismantling and assembling parts and thus performing maintenance and workshop activities by hand such as changing Brazing/Repairing of cooling units, bearings, windings, lubricating, replacing parts, testing, etc.

• Have experience in equipment commissioning, startup/shutdown, LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) and isolation, as well as performance monitoring and alarm management.

• Have experience in BMS monitoring and alarm management from equipment control panel.

Qualifications / Attributes Required

• Diploma in Mechanics/HVAC.

• Limited knowledge about engineering principles, design parameters, codes, and standards.

• Have a general understanding of mechanical equipment in use in the technical building (chiller, Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH), FCUs, chilled water pumps....).

• Ability to work a rotational on-call shift.

• Ability to work under pressure, adaptable.

• Ability to work in a team environment.

• Ability to diagnose root cause of equipment failures.

• Very familiar with Health & Safety policies and procedures, especially for operating mechanical or energized equipment

• Ability to communicate effectively with vendors who perform maintenance on the facility mechanical equipment.


It would be preferred that Mechanical Technician has acquired the below trainings:

• Health & Safety Codes and Standards.

After being hired and in order to accomplish efficiently required duties & responsibilities, Mechanical Technician should acquire the below required trainings:

• Site Configuration Procedures.

• All Facility Management Policies.

• Operation & Maintenance (SOPs, EOPs, MoPs) of all installed technical building mechanical equipment.

• Vendor Training on Operating and Maintaining technical building mechanical equipment including but not limited to: Chillers, Chilled Water Pumps, VFDs, FAHU, CRAHs, FCUs, Ventilation Fans, Valves, Leak Detection, Tanks, Humidification, Sump pit Pumps, Fire Pumps, Elevator...

• Software Tools:


  • Education: Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate
  • Yrs. of Experience: 7